Subreddit Subscriptions

Check out the code on GitHub or try the app online.

Made with Typescript, Angular, Express, MongoDB


A program I made after getting tired of navigating to subreddits I wanted to check daily. I've been using it nearly every day for the past year. Instead of having to check each subreddit individually, Subreddit Subscriptions aggregates the top ten posts from a list of subreddits.

Why not use Reddit's own subreddit subscription feature or create a multireddit? Reddit does not provide a sorting method such as "top X posts from each subreddit". If you sort subreddits by "top", then posts from larger subreddits will dominate due to having more users to vote on them. Reddit only sorts posts by their raw scores without considering the size of the subreddit.

Screenshot of r/food in Subreddit Subscriptions

Technical details

The frontend uses Angular and the backend uses Express. Due to Reddit's rate limiting of 60 requests per second, I used MongoDB to cache any data that would not change over time (e.g. images, titles). Additionally, it will only update cached posts' information after a certain threshold (24 hours).

The list of subreddits is stored in the browser's localStorage, and it can be exported to and imported from a JSON file. The list can also be rearranged by dragging and dropping subreddits. Users can define their own keyboard shortcuts to navigate between subreddits or individual posts.